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Kexin Tax Group is a professional tax and finance advisory service provider with a network in most of the major cities across China, and is committed to providing professional and customized tax and finance advisory services to clients.
Kexin Tax Group has three major business sectors: domestic business sector (Zhongshui Kexin Tax Firms), international business sector (PKF Kexin) and online knowledge platform (Kexin Online). Zhongshui Kexin Tax Firm is the highest grade (5A) tax firm and also the highest credit grade (TSC5) tax-related professional service provider in China. In 2020, Zhongshui Kexin tax firm was awarded as “National Civilized Unit” as the first tax firm which obtains this honor in China. Zhongshui Kexin tax firm was ranked 15th among the top 100 tax firms in China in 2021.