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Financial and Tax Due Diligence

If you are about to acquire or merge with a target enterprise or business, you need to make an accurate assessment of the target company's financial data, internal controls, and tax compliance risks etc., before making the decision.

If you are planning to sell your enterprise or business or attract new investors, you can also engage a team of financial and tax experts to conduct financial and tax due diligence to address and reduce potential financial and tax risks in advance and provide relevant due diligence reports if required by the buyers or investors.

We help you improve M&A deal structures, mitigate risks, and choose the right valuation.

Service Achievement

Our financial and tax due diligence services can help the buyer or seller to accurately assess the financial and tax risks of the target company, support the valuation of the target company, and help the target company to optimize its operation model from the tax perspective. Our experts can also provide sound investment advice to buyers to help them avoid potential financial & tax risks and complete the transaction efficiently and successfully.

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