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Family Wealth Management Services for High-Net-Worth Individuals

High-net-worth individuals (“HNWI”) are usually entrepreneurs. Any wealth arrangement may not only affect them as individuals, but also have impact on their businesses. Therefore, as a HNWI, one should consider the tax effect for both companies and oneself when planning for immigration or wealth management. We could assist to analyze and advise on the relevant risks for such arrangements.  We could also recommend changes or enhancements to these arrangements to reduce the risks and achieve the desired objectives.

Our service is to provide strategic planning at both domestic and global levels by means of our domestic and international service network so as to develop a sound and reliable proposal for implementation.

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We will develop and present a custom-made structure specifically for the asset and investment arrangements. We will assist to complete the wealth plan before/after IPO, and prepare tax planning for business succession, family immigration and family investments.

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