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Tax planning & consulting

Comprehensive, compliant, and constructive tax planning at the early stage of business operations can not only help to maximize favourable tax treatments and enjoy the benefits of tax reform, but also minimize the tax costs and risks that could be brought by the business model without proper tax arrangement. 

These services may be needed under the following circumstances.

When a new business starts;

When it is considered to cooperate with partners;

When a significant contract is to be concluded and the tax burden is estimated to be higher than industry average;

When tax matters are required to be properly managed before a company is to be listed on the stock market

Our tax experts will draw on their diverse perspectives and specialized knowledge to provide holistic service on tax planning, accounting treatment, tax compliance and maintaining effective relationships with the tax authorities.

Service Achievement

A compliant and effective tax planning proposal as well as the optimized business model could be obtained through our tax planning & consulting services. In addition, we are able to assist our clients to implement tax planning proposals and help our clients to manage tax planning implementation risks.

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