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To drive the productivity and innovation across the country, China has offered many tax incentive policies to encourage companies to invest in R&D or under-developed areas, and support the development of small businesses or special industries.

However, tax incentives require a complex workflow of paper filings and online submissions, and in-depth knowledge of each policy’s rules and restrictions with procedures. If you are not sure how and when to apply for a particular incentive, whether the business is able to meet the conditions on an on-going basis, or the costs and benefits of applying for the tax incentive etc., you should consider to engage our service.

Our tax incentive application service could assist the followings:

Analysis on the applicable tax preferential policies

Application for the preferential tax rate for High-tech enterprises

Application for tax preferential policies for advanced technology outsourcing service enterprise

Application for super tax deduction for R&D expenses

Application for zero-rated VAT / free VAT policies for cross-border services

Application for tax exemption for special industries

Service Achievement

We have assisted numerous clients with the application of tax incentives and simplified the process from start to finish by accessing eligible tax incentive policies, completing paperwork and managing the application process, such as obtaining the High-tech enterprises or advanced outsourcing service enterprise qualification with the 15% preferential tax rate, R&D super tax deduction, and VAT refund, VAT exemption, etc.

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