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International Tax

The taxation regime of different countries may vary widely. Due to the complexity of China taxation system, many foreign companies are often faced with tax uncertainties such as offshore indirect equity transfers, permanent establishments in China and tax treaty applications etc. These tax uncertainties will cause foreign companies to encounter potential tax compliance issues and risks in China and even to suffer tax penalties or double taxation. Therefore, when a foreign company obtains income directly or indirectly from China, it needs to know about China tax obligations and potential risks in advance. As such, our service would be required by foreign companies.

As we have extensive experience and expertise in international tax, we can offer tax analysis/advice on transactions with regards to assets or services in China in advance to reduce and mitigate these tax uncertainties. We can also provide one-stop services for non-resident companies, such as tax record-filing for offshore indirect equity transfers, identification of tax residency & beneficial owner, and application for tax treaty benefits.

Service Achievement

We will help clients to understand and identify the tax impact on the transaction arrangement in China, assist to liaise and communicate with Chinese tax authorities, reduce and mitigate the uncertainties of tax obligations and assist to perform the tax declarations or tax record-filings in China.

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