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Corporate Establishment & Maintenance

The first step to start a business in one jurisdiction is to set up a company. Before a company is officially set up, all the items below shall be well considered and determined.

Registered capital

Total investment

Business scope

Setup procedures and required documents

Important terms of Article of Associations

Opening bank accounts and authorization

Selection of registration location

Branches to be set up

We are able to offer one-stop corporate establishment service with our expertise and experience in preferential tax policies in different regions as well as our good relationships with governments at all levels, And we could offer comprehensive services covering tax consulting service, company maintenance services (including company secretary, bookkeeping and tax compliance) and company deregistration service, Our services would  enable our clients to focus on developing and growing their businesses.

Service Achievement

Besides assisting our clients to rapidly set up companies to operate their businesses in China or in any other countries, we also provide corporate maintenance services to support our clients, including company secretary, bookkeeping and tax compliance etc. Coupled with our tax & business advisory services, we could offer a long-term assistance for our client’s business development and growth.

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