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Enterprise Restructuring

For business restructuring transactions, including but not limited to: equity acquisition, asset acquisition, debt restructuring, merger and split, usually tax issues that cause significant tax payables are the most complicated and troublesome to solve in practice. If enterprises are unable to enjoy special tax treatment according to China M&A tax regulations or to implement a tax efficient transaction structure, the M&A deal may end up with heavy tax burdens and uncertain tax risks.

Our professional tax team has many years of experience in and has handled a large number of business restructuring cases, including onshore and offshore lPO projects. We can work and cooperate with IPO managers, auditors and lawyers to develop sound and robust restructuring plan and implement all tax-related proposals and recommendations.

Service Achievement

We can assist our clients to formulate and develop a comprehensive restructuring plan.  

On the tax issues which are uncertain, we can assist to liaise and communicate with the tax authorities at the various levels for practical and acceptable solutions in advance.  Our one-stop services covering the whole restructuring process will address any potential tax issues in time.

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