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Tax Risk Assessment Service

In 2016, the China tax authorities launched Golden Tax system III, and in March 2019, the two sets of Golden Tax III systems for national and local taxation merged successfully. In December 2020, the State Administration of Taxation has planned to procure the advanced Golden Tax system IV. So far, the tax authorities are capable to use AI technology to analyze the huge amount of tax big data in a "multi-dimensional" and chain-cycle manner so as to come up with a series of "tax risk profiles" for each taxpayer.

We can help clients to analyze their tax risks by means of similar analysis models and indicators embedded in the tax administration system in order to help clients understand their potential tax risks, and deal with them in advance. Through regular self-examination of tax risks, taxpayers could rectify any non-compliance in time and prevent the risk of tax inspection, tax audit or anti-avoidance investigation.

Service Achievement

A professional tax risk assessment report will be provided that is highly similar to the results generated by the local tax office's tax risk assessment, and the risk indicators will be interpreted professionally. With PKF Kexin's tax experts and nationwide service network, our clients can also obtain professional advice on tax issues and feasible implementation solutions to mitigate the tax risks and achieve tax optimization and tax efficiency.

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